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Edward Bass Producer and His Artistry

September 2, 2014

Edward Bass Producer and His Artistry

Art is your own expression. It’s how you translate things into creation with your own ideas. It’s life itself. There are different ways on how you create an art. It’s either you choose painting, music, or even movies. Edward Bass, producer of some unique films has his own artistry and that is presented by being able to write scripts and choose the right movies. The films he chose are about how reality of things affect life as people knows it. The films are about people who have lives that are not perfect, yet are affecting other individuals, and even the audience.

His presence in the film industry is a big contribution to other producers, actors, and even the masses, where it has even been realized in other countries. For working so long in the movies, he has worked with big names such as Stanley Kramer, Guillermo del Toro, Kevin Spacey, Emilio Estevez and a lot more to mention. Most of the films were nominated at the Toronto, Sundance, Berlin, and Venice Film Academies. This only means that he is a hardworking man since this is where his life is. Edward Bass, producer of some documentaries has his own history as to how everything started.

Before becoming a producer, he managed actors and personalities such as the Ballerina and a Boxer. His beginnings on the interest of becoming part of the cinema are when his parents arranged backstage appointments with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and others. One of them that he met backstage became one of those he managed. He never stopped being with actors, where he even worked with Anthony Hopkins in “Bobby”, Alec Baldwin in “Mimi’s First Time”, and other films. Edward Bass producer of independent films is now directing his own movie, knowing that this will be a big break for him.

His name is respected as a producer and now he’s trying to make it as a director. Whatever he does, it’s about dedication and passion. The title of the movie is Belle, which centers the plot about a female serial killer. His inspiration was Alfred Hitchcock, a famous suspense and psychological thriller in the 1940’s. He’s even using some of the camera techniques such as copying on how a person would gaze and framed shots that enhance the overall impact of some suspense scenes. Edward Bass, producer, has been successful in being a director. The chosen art which made him successful will continue further because of his love for the art and craft. He followed what he really loves, knowing that it is the place where he belongs. It maybe his first time as a director, but he knows that the art is where his heart is.